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Cashew Shelling Machine-Manual Process

The cooked cashew nuts are de-shelled by hand and leg operated cutters. The nut is placed between two set of blades to fit the contour of fixed blade. The pressing of the pedal pierces the by the two blades. Simultaneously the handle is operated to split the nut. After de-shelling the nut fall down due to gravity and is collected below the cutter. A skilled worker de-shells about 40 kg of cashew nut in 8 hour. Its general practice to rinse the hand with Castrol oil or some suitable oil or cream to protect operators hands form C.N.S.L oozing out in the de-shelling process.

Cashew Shelling Machine
Nos 900
Manual Leg & Hand

The system with a Cashew Shelling Machine is simple and enables a continuous flow. A revolving paddle sets the shells against the solid casing and pierces them on the convex side by means of two blades. The two blades are used to split the nut by operating the handle of the cutter. Thus the operation forces the shell to crack open without breaking the kernel. After de-shelling the nut falls freely due to gravity and is collected beneath the cutter.

The percentage of whole kernels produced is around 75%. By preparing the shells with grooves and weakening the strength of them before the operation begins, the percentage can be increased. A different rotary speed is used for various nuts based on size groups. The speed of the rotor can thus be turned down and the risk of damaging the kernels is reduced.